David P. Vandagriff is an attorney who focuses his practice on contract negotiation and drafting, including the licensing of intellectual property. His current clients are primarily authors, but also include small publishers and literary agents. He is a member of The State Bar of California.

Earlier in his career, David was a nationally-known expert on law office automation, wrote a regular column in The ABA Journal for the American Bar Association and was invited (and paid) to speak to many different bar associations from New York to Honolulu. During this time, he wrote Splitsville, a popular software program for divorce attorneys.

David has also been employed as an executive with several high-tech companies and founded a business to acquire and generate royalties from technology patents.

In addition to being David Vandagriff, he is also Passive Guy and, in this persona, operates The Passive Voice – www.thepassivevoice.com. His professional website is found at www.contract-counsel.com.