Rebecca Moesta’s experience in publishing dates back to 1979 when she managed the offices of William Carey Library Publishers in Pasadena, CA. In the 1980s, she earned Masters of Science in Business Administration from Boston University and became a curriculum specialist for Big Bend Community College, writing college workbooks and traveling around Europe teaching management classes to Army NCOs.

Rebecca worked as a Tech Writer/Editor for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where she met her husband, Kevin J. Anderson. During her time at LLNL, she began writing and publishing fiction. She is a graduate of the Stanford Publishing Course. For years, she and Kevin produced and published the SFWA Forum and the Journal of the International Society for Respiratory Protection.

In the late ’90s Rebecca and Kevin founded WordFire Inc., left their day jobs to write full time, and moved to Colorado. They established and became publishers of WordFire Press, which now publishes hundreds of books, including the works of Allen Drury, Frank Herbert, Alan Dean Foster, Jody Lynn Nye, Robert Asprin, and many other science fiction and fantasy luminaries. She and Kevin are cofounders (with Brandon Sanderson, Eric Flint, and David Farland) of the annual Superstars Writing Seminars.

Rebecca is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling  author of 40 books and graphic novels. She has worked with a wide variety of traditional New York publishers, comic publishers, magazines, and small presses. In addition to her original books, she has written in diverse universes such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Titan A.E., StarCraft, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She novelized a Christmas romance movie for Hallmark Publishing and has edited three original anthologies for Fiction River. She serves as a judge for the Writers of the Future Contest.

Rebecca moonlights as a freelance editor, public speaker, and writing instructor. Her work in the publishing industry spans four decades.