With more than a quarter century of experience in bookselling as it evolved from strictly bricks and mortar operations and into online and digital venues, Mark has continually been at the forefront of applying digital solutions to publishing and book selling, including having created and successfully grown one of the four largest digital eBook publishing platforms self-publishing services, Kobo Writing Life. And just this month, Mark joined D2D as its new Director of Business Development.

As a former President of the Canadian Booksellers Association, and having sat on the Board of Directors for BookNet Canada and as a strategic advisory committee member in the creation of Sheridan College’s Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing & Publishing program, Mark enjoys leveraging his experience and knowledge in helping others be successful in publishing, regardless of the path they decide.

Taking an approach that each author’s journey is unique, and that there is no single right path for anyone or for any one writing and publishing project, he enjoys coaching and advising authors on navigating the myriad of options and opportunities available to them at this platinum time for writers.